1. Chairman David Shaw & Winner Ken Moore

    Chairman David Shaw & Winner Ken Moore

  2. Fun Day

    Fun Day

    Some members enjoying the sunshine and the good bowling ! On the first of seasons competition. Round Robin fun day.
  3. Presidents Day 2013

    Presidents Day 2013

    Not quite the washout it looks. There was a Hog Roast for lunch, and after the downpour, the squeegees came out as did the sun and play was resumed. A most enjoyable final with Ian Wynne the winner over Chris Banfield. Then we had afternoon tea with scones jam and cream. Wonderful day.
  4. Add Your News Title Here

    Add Your News Title Here

    Some of the old timers from the club.
  5. The New Floodlights

    The New Floodlights

    On March 23rd the new floodlights were switched on. A very enjoyable night followed.
  6. Hardy astroturfers!!!

    Hardy astroturfers!!!

    And who thought it was a good idea to lay astro in the gutters on such a freezing cold day. Thank goodness for Tea!!!